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Saturday at 11AM   I Spy Radio Show

The I Spy Radio Show is not your typical conservative talk radio show. It's a one-hour show that keeps an eye on big government, and not just news but actual analysis. Host Mark Anderson, and top-level guests give you more in-depth insight in one hour than most shows do in three. Don't get yelled at, get informed!

The Kavanaugh Hearings: Lies, Damned Lies, and John Brennan – The I Spy Radio Show

This week, we look at the Kavanaugh hearings from someone who went through something similar. Former CIA officer, John Kiriakou faced accusations from John Brennan, was lied about on a national stage, and his entire life and career hung in the balance because they made claims against him that were impossible to prove or disprove. Did we see the Deep State at work in the Kavanaugh confirmation?

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