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Saturday at 11AM   I Spy Radio Show

The I Spy Radio Show is not your typical conservative talk radio show. It's a one-hour show that keeps an eye on big government, and not just news but actual analysis. Host Mark Anderson, and top-level guests give you more in-depth insight in one hour than most shows do in three. Don't get yelled at, get informed!

Democrats and their Desperate Disinformation Ploy – The I Spy Radio Show

Scott McEwen (American Sniper) and Ron Rychlak (Disinformation) on the Democrats methods and how they model tools from Soviet-era disinformation campaigns. Disinformation in the age of Schiff and Pelosi just doesn’t work as well as it used to. Maybe it’s because they’re so bad at it. Or some of the swamp that has been relied on has actually been sent packing. Let’s hope for the latter.

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Good News for Good News – The I Spy Radio Show

Time for a little good news. Changes to the Endangered Species Act mean species might actually start to recover. Hollywood most famous mainstream pop-culture couple goes Christian. Bernie reveals the real intentions of Global Warming Alarmists. And a new Christian movie continues to prove the viability of movies with an actual story. Go figure!

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