Category: Thank You For Freedom

In honor of service men and women of America who have sacrificed so much for our nation and values, Supertalk Radio continually focuses on how we can support our veterans. Whether it's through highlighting helpful organizations, showcasing stories of veterans during their time of service, or covering efforts to assist veterans in need, we'd like to take a moment of time to say thank you, for freedom.

Heroic Stories & Veterans Suicide Problem

Cliff & Travis discuss the importance of highlighting heroic stories of our veterans during “Thank You For Freedom” segments. They highlight 3 stories of veterans who demonstrated their bravery and courage toward civilians, family, and their fellow brothers in arms.

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1st Class Radarman Jim Lampkins

1st Class Radarman Jim Lampkins served in the Navy during WWII in the south Pacific. Having grown up in Eastern Oregon and enlisting after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Jim Lampkins shares his story about the training he underwent.

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