The annual Easter Egg Hunt in Baker City is set for Saturday, March 31st, at Geiser-Pollman Park in Baker City. The police siren will sound at 10AM to begin the hunt for the children, divided up amongst different age groups in different roped off sections in the park. Plastic eggs with toys, wrapped candy, and even cash prizes will be available for the kids to find.

For the children’s safety, no adults will be allowed in the egg hunt areas. There will also be a section dedicated for children with disabilities or special needs, that may need assistance in finding the eggs. Make sure children are dressed warmly for the event, and bring a basket or sack for the children to gather their treasures in.

A BIG Bunny will also be present, along with his “Bunnymobile”. Parents and their children can take pictures with the bunny during the event. For more information about the Easter Egg Hunt, contact Baker City Events. Donations are always welcome to support this, and other events throughout Baker City.