Obituaries and Notices of Death are posted as a public service of Cole’s Tribute Center and Gray’s West & Co. Pioneer Chapel. Please direct inquiries or questions to the respective establishment in which arrangements are being made through. Complete obituaries are available and archived at the links posted below.

Name Age Date Arrangements Through
Jodell Hensen 60 10/25/19 Gray's West & Co.
Betty Jean Johnson 93 10/23/19 Gray's West & Co.
Bertha "Fritzi" Aldrich 79 10/23/19 Gray's West & Co.
Gilbert "Gib" L. Marvin 91 10/14/19 Coles Tribute Center
Josephine Skidmore 88 10/10/19 Coles Tribute Center
John B. Kempfer 83 10/08/19 Gray's West & Co.
Andy Dean Dennis 60 10/06/19 Gray's West & Co.
Willard Hubert Jr. 73 10/05/19 Gray's West & Co.
Norma S. Giles 93 09/30/19 Coles Tribute Center
Dorthy Wooters 91 08/09/19 Gray's West & Co.
Darrell Kessler 88 09/29/19 Coles Tribute Center
Scott Hensel 63 09/27/19 Gray's West & Co.

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