Visit Baker County Public Library on Saturday, May 6 to pick up your official Free Comic Book Day comics and meet Cosplay Guest of Honor Alkali Layke of Boise!

Library doors will open at 10AM. Comics will be available while supplies last. At 10:30AM, Alkali Layke will be providing a Cosplay Workshop: “Armor with Ally”. Registration for the workshop is required. See the library website or Facebook page for more information.

Free Comic Book Day is celebrated every year by participating comic book shops, book stores, and libraries. Baker County Library District is proud to bring this event to Baker County for the first time. Lootcrate prizes may be won by those dressed in a costume or who check out a graphic novel from the library’s growing collection.

Workshop participants will learn how to build cosplay armor step-by-step using Worbla and other materials. Workshop attendance is free. Materials will be provided. This workshop involves hazardous materials such as sharp blades and objects at high temperature. Parent supervision is required for children under age 14.

Advance registration for the workshop is required. To sign up, contact Baker County Public Library at 541-523-6419, or visit:

Alkali Layke got her start in Cosplay after appearing at a convention as a Special Effects Makeup artist. She still does special effects for short films and commercials when not jet-setting across the country to geekfests and comic conventions.

Ally considers herself an “equal opportunity geek”, because she regularly geeks out on a multitude of fandoms. Although she prides herself on her 90’s Saturday cartoon knowledge, she’s also a HUGE Star Wars fan, loves X-Men, Game of Thrones, Batman, and anything on the SyFy channel.

Ally’s most popular cosplays include WonderFETT (a mashup of Boba Fett and Wonder Woman), Harley Quinn, Dark Phoenix, SheRa Princess of Power, HarleyPOOL (another mashup), and many more! She is also the proud LadyBOSS of a company called Level40Two, a monthly Cosplay Fan Box.

This event is sponsored by Baker County Library District with support from Friends of Baker County Library.