Are you prepared if there is a disaster or emergency? Could you or your family be self-sufficient for two weeks if necessary?

Join Union County Emergency Preparedness coalition members for a discussion on ways to put together your own family emergency preparedness kit. The team will talk about what you should have in your kit, strategies for collecting these items without breaking your piggy bank, and how to store items so they are portable and ready to be used when needed.

There will be examples of different types of kits as well as recommendations for packing specific items like medicines, and meals for easy access and use.

We will hold a drawing at the end of the evening for an important preparedness tool.

Speakers will include Rebecca Vaughn with American Red Cross, Andi Walsh, Center for Human Development, Inc., Annette Powers, Union County Emergency Services, and Robin Maille, OSU Extension Service.

This workshop will be held Tuesday, January 31, 5:30-7:00 PM at the OSU Extension Service Conference Room, 10507 N. McAlister Rd, La Grande. Please RSVP by calling 541-963-1010 or sending an email to: