Oregon health officials say large social gatherings are partially to blame for the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases. Statewide surveys from the Oregon Health Authority show that half of all respondents admit to attending social and family gatherings on a regular basis. About 20-percent said they’ve gone to gatherings of more than ten people at least four times in the past two weeks. The surveys also showed, interestingly enough, that more than 80-percent of them were wearing masks

New research at Oregon Health & Science University could pave the way for a new COVID-19 treatment option. A new trial will focus on an antibody cocktail called “Regeneron,” which was given to President Trump last week after he tested positive for the disease. The cocktail works by preventing the virus from attaching to cells, limiting its ability to replicate in the body. The trial at OHSU will determine whether the treatment can be used on a larger scale.

An Oregon congressman introduces legislation to keep local law enforcement under local control. Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer argues that local jurisdictions should not have large numbers of officers who are federally deputized, saying it goes against the rights of local governments.