It is believed that the alpha female of the Pine Creek wolf pack in Baker County has most likely given birth to a litter of pups recently, or she is in a den preparing to do so. According to experts with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, GPS signal locations for the pack’s alpha male this past weekend, showed that the male wolf has been returning to the same site in the Fish Lake area north of Halfway. They say that is the same area where the alpha female had pups last spring. They say the movement of the male is an important clue, because when a female retreats to a den to give birth, she normally won’t allow any members of the pack except the alpha male to come near. The Pine Creek pack has killed four calves and injured seven others in the Halfway area since early April, with the most recent attack last week. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association and affected ranchers have asked the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to kill all the wolves in the pack. So far, three have been killed.