Today the Forest Service published a legal notice titled “Notice of an Additional Opportunity to Submit a Request for Interested Person Status” regarding the Revised Blue Mountains Forest Plans.

Due to the volume of Forest Plan objections that the Forest Service had to process, as well as delays that occurred in mail services, there were objections that were not made available for review during the full initial 10-day filing period. (Click here for the list of newly-posted objections) The Forest Service has made these objections available for review and has announced an additional 10-day interested person filing period: October 27, 2018 through November 5, 2018.

  • If you have already submitted a request for interested person status, your original request will be honored. You do not need to submit another request unless you are interested in one of the newly-posted objections.
  • If you would like to submit an amended request or a new request, please follow the specific instructions provided in the legal notice.
  • Written requests for recognition as an interested person (36 CFR 219.57) must be submitted no later than 10 days from the publication date of the legal notice in The Oregonian, that is, by 11:59pm Eastern (8:59pm Pacific) on Monday, November 5, 2018.
  • Eligible interested persons will be notified in advance of objection-resolution meetings. These meetings will be open to observation by the public, and their dates, locations, and agendas will be posted to this website in Nov. 2018.
  • During the objection-resolution meetings, interested persons who have been granted recognition by the Reviewing Officer will be able to participate in discussions with Objectors and the Reviewing Officer related to issues on the meeting agenda that interested persons have listed in their requests.

On June 29, 2018 the Forest Service published the Revised Land Management Plans (Forest Plans) for the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests (Blue Mountains). The Revised Forest Plans are supported by a Final Environmental Impact Statement, a draft Record of Decision, and other supporting documents that are available at:

The Forest Service is following the requirements of 36 CFR 219.5 for a pre-decisional administrative review, which provides an opportunity for the resolution of objections prior to final decisions on the three Revised Forest Plans. The objection-filing period ended on Aug. 28, 2018. Click here to read eligible objection letters. These letters were received or postmarked by the Aug. 28 deadline and met the majority of the objection filing requirements. The Reviewing Officer sent a notification letter to each eligible objector to confirm acceptance of their objection for further review. Eligible objectors have an opportunity to participate in objection-resolution meetings, and they will also receive a final written response from the Reviewing Officer after the review is complete.