Baker City Public Works is preparing for the upcoming snow plow season, by introducing the 2018-2019 snow plow policy.

In the event of a snow fall and accumulation of at least 4″ of snow with more on the way, city crews will begin plowing city streets. It is imperative that all vehicles be removed from streets so that snow can be cleared all the way to the curb.

Those citizens (either elderly or disabled), who are physically unable to remove the berm in front of their own driveways caused by city plowing activity will have the option to have city forces open their driveway entrance when their street is plowed. Eligible citizens will be able to go to city hall to sign up for the service and will be given special painted stakes which they can use to mark their driveway entrance. This service is provided only as time and funding allow.

If citizens have had a stake in the past, they need to contact the Public Works office at City Hall to remain on the list.

Snow Plow Season Tips:

  • It is important to keep vehicles parked off roadways so graders/plows can clear the entire width of the road. This is especially important on priority 1, 2 and 3 routes as they are plowed more often than most residential streets.
  • When shoveling out driveways after the plow has been by, place shoveled snow behind the curb.
  • Please do not to push snow from private property onto city streets.
  • Allow extra time while traveling so that you don’t have to drive faster than the conditions warrant.

Please see the map of priority routes below, or on the Baker City website.