On March 8, the Oregon Board of Forestry recognized Cameron Newell and his crew at B & C Logging of Baker City as Operator of the Year for eastern Oregon. The award was presented at the board’s regularly scheduled meeting.

The award recognizes logging operators who consistently perform above the minimum standards set forth in Oregon’s Forest Practices Act for protecting natural resources. Operators are judged on how well they protect soil, water, wildlife habitat and scenic corridors among other natural resources, especially in difficult terrain or challenging circumstances.

B & C Logging was cited for the care it took in salvage logging several small private forest parcels in the wake of one of Oregon’s largest wildfires in 2015 – the Cornet-Windy Ridge Fire, which burned more than 100,000 acres in eastern Oregon.

Logan McCrae, LaGrande/Baker Unit Forester with the Oregon Department of Forestry, nominated B & C Logging for the special honor. McCrae cites the care the company took in felling burned snags while avoiding damage to buildings, fences and power lines. “Cameron really helped the landowners by removing those potential hazards and leaving the area ready to be revegetated,” says McCrae.

The Forest Practices Act governs logging and forest management to protect natural resources in Oregon. Enacted in 1971, the Act is overseen by the Oregon Board of Forestry and administered by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Each year a logging operator who consistently goes “above and beyond” basic requirements is recognized by the board in each of three regions in Oregon — the southwest, northwest and lands east of the Cascades.