Bicyclists needing to adjust gears or pump tires can now make a pit stop at Baker County Public Library for such light maintenance tasks. A free-standing bike repair station with air pump has been installed just off the riverside boardwalk on the southeast corner of the library for convenient access by cyclists riding downtown or using the Leo Adler Memorial Pathway.

The station was purchased “Thanks to generous grants from the Friends of Baker County Library and Bicycle Rides Northwest (BRNW) clubs, with coordination support from Baker Loves Bikes,” said Library Director Perry Stokes. “We’re proud to host the first of these kind of public units in Baker County. They are rapidly popping up at public facilities and along greenbelts all across the country. Other libraries report them being a popular community resource.”

The tool set includes screwdrivers, tire levers, pedal wrenches, and a set of hex keys. For security, each tool is attached to the stand by retractable braided stainless steel cables and the work stand area is covered at all hours by the library’s security camera system.

Baker County Library’s Facilities Specialist Ed Adamson reports that public use of the station began almost immediately after installation. “I have observed kids and bike folks bringing their bikes, one load in pieces, to our station to do necessary repairs, install new tires, adjust seats, the whole gamut,” he said.

The Baker Loves Bikes club welcomes cash gifts to help get additional units installed along rider pathways throughout Baker County. For more information about the club, make a donation, or volunteer to help fix bikes for kids and adults, call Brian Vegter at 541-325-1689.