Reports have been made to the City of Baker City regarding residents receiving calls from a local number with the caller ID of “City of Baker City”. When the resident answers the call, it ends up being a promotional advertisement for credit cards and interest rates. The City of Baker City assures residents, that they will not call to offer credit cards or promotional rates.

Scam artists will use this technique (often referred to as “spoofing a name and number”) to scam people into giving them personal and financial information. Answering “spoofed” calls lets the scam artist know that your phone number is active and will likely lead to more unwanted calls.

What can you do? You should never provide personal or financial information to unknown callers. Hang up as soon as you realize the call is a scam. Contact your phone service provider and see what options are available to block unwanted calls.

If you have lost money to a criminal scam, you should report the matter to Baker County Dispatch at 541-523-3644. Questions may be referred to Robin Nudd, City Manager’s Office at 541-524-2036.