Following public health guidelines and practical safety measures, Eastern Oregon University Residence Halls will not host their annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat for community members.

Many university events integrate students with local life. However, this means when problems arise, like a pandemic, it is important to prioritize community health.

Residence Life Director Jeremy Jones said that after exhausting many options, there was no viable way to host the event in a way that promoted safety. It will be important for everyone to assess their Halloween activities for risk and find creative ways to celebrate Halloween.

“The RA’s and programming through the Center for Student Involvement are all working to try and find innovative ways to engage students and build a strong community during this pandemic,” he said.

Jones understands that there may be some disappointment among community members, as well as college students. Acknowledging the importance of this event, he hopes to resume next year when many events are able to be held on campus once again.

“I always want to take the opportunity to thank our community and to thank our students for their sacrifice and continued commitment to the safety and the well-being of our students and our community,” Jones said. “I’m just so grateful to be here in La Grande and weathering the storm with such great people.”