The Oregon State Marine Board approved a grant request from Union County for new self-adjusting docks for the boating access facility on Wolf Creek Reservoir. The grant was approved during the Marine Board’s quarterly meeting, held on July 7, in Salem.

The existing docks were installed nine years ago. A bracket system holds the docks in place and allows the dock to float up and down a “guideway” as water levels change. The dock began to bind on the guideway, becoming submerged and unstable. The brackets repeatedly broke away from the wooden dock, and are bent which compromises the integrity of the dock structure.

The Marine Board approved $44,000 in state boater funds, combined with $9,200 in Union County match and $5,400 ODFW Restoration and Enhancement funds for a project total of $58,600. The new docks have an anticipated life of 20 years based on documented useful life of similar construction in Oregon.

The Marine Board is funded by registration fees and marine fuel taxes paid by boaters. No general fund tax dollars are used to support the agency or its programs. Motorized boater-paid fees go back to boaters in the form of law enforcement services (on-the-water enforcement, training and equipment), education/outreach materials and boating access facility grants.

For detailed information about each boating facility grant request and other items covered at the Marine Board meeting, view the staff report.