Oregon State Police will be increasing patrols during the holidays running December 13th through January 1st, 2018. OSP will be emphasis will be on the Fatal 5 driving behaviors, which lead to serious injury and fatal crashes. Those are Speed, Occupant Safety, Lane Usage, Impaired Driving and Distracted Driving. OSP is asking motorists to report dangerous drivers and those believed to be impaired.

AAA projects a record-breaking holiday travel season this year with about a third of the population traveling for the Christmas and New Year holidays! That adds up to a whopping 107 million Americans including more than 1.3 million Oregonians. The vast majority–91 percent–will take a holiday road trip. AAA expects to rescue more than 901,600 drivers nationally and 12,000 in Oregon over the holiday travel period, with the primary reasons being dead batteries, flat tires, lockouts and vehicle tows. Make sure you and your vehicle are ready for winter driving conditions. Pack an emergency kit as well as food and water for you and your passengers, including your four-footed family members. Bring extra jackets, gloves, blankets and warm clothing. And don’t blindly follow your GPS–if it directs you to a road that doesn’t appear to be maintained or well-traveled, turn around!

As with other holiday weekends OSP is urging motorists to plan ahead, expect heavy traffic, expect poor driving conditions with rain expected at lower elevations and snow in the mountain passes, and take your time. Know your route and the road conditions before traveling by visiting: www.tripchceck.com