Drivers in Oregon are reminded to remove studded tires by Friday, March 31.

“We encourage drivers to not wait until the March 31 deadline to remove their studded tires, especially if they aren’t driving in the mountain passes between now and then,” said Luci Moore, State Maintenance and Operations Engineer.

Studded tires are allowed in Oregon from November 1 through March 31. While the law allows ODOT to extend the studded tire season when necessary, current weather forecasts do not support an extension this year. ODOT has extended the studded tire season past March 31 only four times in the past 15 years.

ODOT is coordinating this announcement with the Washington state Department of Transportation: Studded tire seasons in both states will not be extended this year.

ODOT encourages drivers to consider other types of traction tires or chains to help minimize roadway damage caused by studded tires. A 2014 study concluded studded tires cause about $8.5 million in damage each year to state highways.

In addition to studded tires, other types of traction tires are available. These traction tires meet the Rubber Manufacturers Association standards for use in severe snow conditions and carry an emblem on the tire sidewall of a three-peaked mountain with a snowflake in the center. Research shows these tires cause no more damage than standard all-weather radial tires and that they provide better traction than studded tires when used on bare pavement.

Drivers with studded tires on their vehicles after the deadline can be charged by law enforcement with a Class C traffic violation.