The nominating committees for Baker and Union counties have met and nominated candidates for the upcoming OTEC Board of Director elections.

The Union County nominating committee has nominated Greg Howard for position No. 7. Howard is the incumbent in the election. The committee has nominated David Baum for position No. 8. Baum is also the incumbent.

The nominating committee for Baker County met and nominated Charlene Chase to the OTEC Board of Director position No. 9. Chase is also an incumbent.

All candidates are running to serve a three-year term. Nominating committees appointed for each district selected candidates for the ballot.

In accordance with cooperative bylaw Article III, Section 4, additional nominations may be made by petition filed with the secretary of the cooperative no less than 60 days before the annual meeting. A petition needs to include the name of the candidate and the signatures of at least 50 members qualifiedtovote,andarequestthat the name of the candidate be placed on the ballot. All candidates so nominated must meet the director qualifications contained in Section 5 of the OTEC article. Members may not nominate a candidate for director from the floor at the annual meeting.

Winners will be announced at OTEC’s annual meeting, scheduled for May 4 in John Day at the Grant County Fairgrounds. OTEC voting members will be able to cast their ballots by mail during March or at the annual meeting. A petition form may be requested by calling 541-524-2831.