Jack Clubb, formerly of Baker City but now living in Pendleton, earlier this month gifted a four-plex property to the Blue Mountain Community College Foundation. Funds derived from the earnings of this property will generate the Jack Clubb Scholarship for BMCC students in Baker County.

“Mr. Clubb was a contemporary of Leo Adler, and they were great friends,” said BMCC Foundation Executive Director Margaret Gianotti of Adler, a self-made millionaire and philanthropist from Baker City. “Who could imagine they would be legacy donors to the students from the Baker area?”

The donation of the four-plex property was made during the BMCC Board of Education meeting held May 3 at the BMCC Baker County Center. Clubb made the trip to the meeting from Pendleton so that he could make the donation that will support Baker County students in person. The property is located in Pendleton.

Left to right: BMCC President Cam Preus, BMCC Foundation Executive Director Margaret Gianotti, Jack Clubb, BMCC Board of Education Chair Chris Brown

“BMCC is so appreciative of Mr. Clubb’s generosity to and support of the College,” said BMCC President Cam Preus. “This property’s earnings will support many of our students from Baker County for years to come, and that’s a very special gift.”

For more information, visit the BMCC Foundation website. To learn more about how to donate to the Foundation, please contact Margaret Gianotti at 541-278-5775.