On April 8, 2017, at about 9:30AM the Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division arrested Larry Harshfield, age 69, of Wallowa, after serving a search warrant and concluding an extensive investigation into 25 elk carcasses in various states of decay. Twelve of the elk carcasses were located on the Harshfield property and 13 more were located on adjoining property. The elk carcasses did not appear to have any attempt to salvage meat from them.

Harshfield was arrested for 12 counts of Unlawful Take of Elk in a Closed Season, and 12 counts Waste of Elk for the dead elk found on his property. He was lodged at the Wallowa County Correctional Facility and additional charges for the 13 dead elk, found on the adjoining property, have been referred to the Wallowa County District Attorney for consideration.

A violation of any provision of the wildlife laws (such as the unlawful take of elk), or any rule adopted pursuant to the wildlife laws, is a Class A misdemeanor if the offense is committed with a culpable mental state in Oregon. If convicted, a person can be charged with the maximum penalty of $6,250, have their hunting privileges suspended and forfeit weapons or other items used in the commission of the crime(s).

Anyone with information regarding wildlife violations is encouraged to report the information to the Oregon State Police Turn in Poacher (TIP) hotline at 1-800-452-7888. Information can remain anonymous.

Information on the T.I.P. Reward Program:

The Oregon Hunters Association offers rewards to persons, through their T.I.P. fund, for information leading to the issuance of a citation to a person(s), or an arrest made of a person(s) for illegal possession, killing, or taking of bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, elk, deer, antelope, bear, cougar, wolf, furbearers and/or upland game birds and water fowl. T.I.P. rewards can also be paid for the illegal taking, netting, snagging, and/or dynamiting of game fish, and/or shell fish, and for the destruction of habitat.

In addition rewards may be paid for information leading to the issuance of a citation to a person(s), or an arrest made of a person(s) who have illegally obtained Oregon hunting/angling license or tags. People who “work” the system and falsely apply for resident license or tags are not legally hunting or angling and are considered poachers.


  • Bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose $1,000
  • Elk, deer, antelope $500
  • Bear, cougar, wolf $300
  • Habitat destruction $300
  • Illegally obtaining Oregon hunting or angling license or tags $200
  • Game fish, shell fish $100
  • Upland birds, waterfowl $100
  • Furbearers $100