The National Weather Service in Pendleton is looking for a volunteer weather observers to continue the long term weather observation program in the Joseph and Elgin areas. The weather observers would record the high and low temperature and any precipitation once per day. The equipment consists of an official thermometer and rain gauge supplied, installed, and maintained by the National Weather Service.

NWS Observation Program Leader Jim Smith states, “Both Joseph and Elgin are located in very unique locations and have weather that is much different than nearby weather stations.”

The Joseph weather station was originally established in 1893. Weather observations stopped in 1954 and resumed in 1994 until 2012. In Elgin, the weather station was started in 1937 and continued until 2009. The weather data will be used to refine the weather forecasts and continue the long term weather records for the Elgin and Joseph areas.

Anyone interested in becoming an official weather observer for the Elgin or Joseph area is encouraged to contact the National Weather Service at 541-276-7832 or email: