Gary Waddington with CaptionCall joins the Morning Buzz to talk about this life-changing device, app, and service for those with hearing or visual impairments, available at no cost to users.

CaptionCall, the device, features a loud speaker, large buttons, and an easy to read interface. It connects to your existing phone line and internet connection to provide a live transcription of the receiving end of your phone calls. The service is available automatically when calls are received through the device.

Gary explains that for those without a traditional landline phone service, a mobile app is also available for smartphones, to display the text of the call just like it would on the CaptionCall device.

This service, device, and app are available through CaptionCall, and its use is funded federally with no cost to the user. Referrals from hearing specialists are welcome, but not necessary to get set up.

For more information, contact Gary Waddington at (253) 219-9435, or visit the CaptionCall website.