Jeanne Cone, Women Veterans Program Manager at Walla Walla’s VA Medical Center, stops by The Morning Buzz to invite veterans and their families to an upcoming VA Baby Shower in La Grande.

The Veterans Baby Shower will be taking place at the La Grande VA Clinic from 2PM – 4PM on Monday, May 14th. This event, in partnership with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, among other organizations, is one of 60 Veterans Baby Showers held nationwide to welcome veteran families that are expecting.

We also discuss with Jeanne the tremendous support for women veterans the VA offers, including comprehensive primary care, prenatal and preconception (pre-pregnancy) care, infertility services, maternity care services, and the first seven days of newborn care. Women make up approximately 10 percent of the Veteran population in the United States, and nearly half of the nation’s 2 million women Veterans are of reproductive age.

For more information about VA’s benefits and services for women Veterans, as well as the Baby Shower event, call the La Grande VA Clinic at 541-963-0627, or visit: