Communications Manager Andrew Cutler & Chief Financial Officer Anthony Bailey from Oregon Trail Electric Co-op, join the Morning Buzz to talk about the recently proposed Carbon Bill in Oregon, and the likely affect it could have to OTEC members.

We discuss the overall premise of a carbon tax, from how it aims to lower carbon dioxide emissions, to the estimates of costs necessary to reduce the amount.

OTEC currently is supplied with many carbon-free sources of power to serve within Eastern Oregon, including hydro power, wind, solar, and some nuclear power. We mention the known immediate impact of the proposed Carbon Bill in Oregon to OTEC members, as well as list a couple of indirect outcomes that could occur to residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

Anthony provides an outline of suggestions on what some would consider to be a “good carbon bill”, that would not have such a major financial impact on everyone. To find out more regarding potential impacts of this proposed legislation, Andrew suggests contacting OTEC, or becoming part of the political action email list.