1st Class Radarman Jim Lampkins served in the Navy during WWII in the south Pacific. Having grown up in Eastern Oregon and enlisting after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Jim Lampkins shares his story about the training he underwent. Headed first to Idaho, and then shortly after to San Diego, CA for radar training.

U.S.S. Bradford

Once aboard the U.S.S. Bradford, Jim Lampkins shares experiences he had both on the ship, and off the ship as they made their way past the islands in the south Pacific, preparing for invasion.

The challenges facing Jim Lampkins while serving were very difficult. While ships around him were sinking, the focus to help those in need was of great concern. The reality of war was unfolding before his eyes, but Jim Lampkins continued with the mission at hand.

1st Class Radarman Jim Lampkins (far right)

When the war had finally ended, the task of getting back home to Eastern Oregon was the last step in Jim Lampkin’s journey. There was a lot of waiting involved, and a very long train-ride home.

Navy Unit Commendation awarded to the U.S.S. Bradford

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