Cliff & Travis focus on a specific topic important to a fully functioning military: food. They examine the history of providing nutritional sustenance to service members, and how the variety of food items in MREs have changed over the years.

We first look back at the history of food implementation far back as the American Revolution, and how the optimization of finding the right meal balance for storage, transport, and nutrition, has occurred. These MREs, or “Meals Ready-to-Eat”, are the current form of portable food provided to deployed service members.

Travis also guides us through a selection of his personal MREs, and even decides to sample one. While not the greatest tasting, the energy provided to an individual deployed, is what serves as the purpose of a MRE. Providing enough nutritional value to get them to last, until their next prepared meal.

Civilian MREs have also gained traction lately for emergency preparation, disaster response, and even for recreational convenience.

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